Welcome to Encore Equine Therapy

Welcome to Encore Equine Therapy

Welcome to Encore Equine TherapyWelcome to Encore Equine TherapyWelcome to Encore Equine Therapy

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My husband Howard and I have been actively engaged in successfully showing our beloved Arabian and Half Arabian horses for decades.  Our horses, dogs, and cats are part of our family, and their health and welfare is and will always be our main focus.



Horses are athletes, no matter what disciplines, they compete or are involved in whether it be: dressage, jumping, reining, cutting, racing, endurance, or any other endeavors.  We ask a great deal from them physically every day and nothing is more upsetting than having to scratch from a competition  due to lameness or injury. 



Two years ago, my husband Howard was about to compete for a National Title in dressage when his horse developed an extremely sore back, to the point where he would not let Howard ride him.  Luckily, we found an individual at the show who had brought their Equipulse machine and arranged for her to treat our horse the evening before this next class.  We were amazed by the results.  Our horse's back was not sore the next morning,and Howard was able to compete successfully in his National Title class.  We never go to a horse show without our Equipulse equipment, and we  use it on a  weekly basis to keep all our horses feeling their best. 

Equipulse Electro magnetic field therapy

"The Power to Heal"

Pulsed Electomagnetic Field Therapy has been highly recommended by leading veterinarians across the country since its inception in 2007 for all types of Equine lameness such as but not limited to : suspensory ligament injuries, bowed tendons, bone fractures, laminitis, navicular issues, stifle injuries, and general muscle soreness caused by strenuous activities where a great deal of stress is put on a horse's joints, tendons, and skeletal structures. 

The Process

The magnetic pulsed therapy has the unique ability to restore normal motion and neurological firing patterns to affected spinal joints, release adjacent tight and unbalanced muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and disperse lactic acid and other metabolic waste products from treated tissue, and increase blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to affected areas. As any vet will tell you, increased circulation is the key to healing any horse's injury.  The beauty of the pulsed magnetic therapy is that it is 100% non-invasive and 100% pain free, unlike previous therapies utilized in the past for injuries , such as bowed tendons. 

Successfully Treating Equine Athletes Since 2007

When beginning a treatment with  any horse, we tend to begin on the shoulder and neck area and allow the horse to adjust to the pulse. We always begin with a very low intensity, and let the horse's reaction indicate whether or not the intensity can be increased.  Normal treatment times range from approximately 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the injury or issue. For  general muscle soreness, we will move the loops around the horse's body on both sides, and in the case of a specific injury or problem, will focus the attention on that specific problem area. 

Pulsed Electo-Magnetic Field Therapy



We offer mobile (mileage rates may apply)  and in-house (at Encore Ranch) pulsed electromagnet therapy services at reasonable prices. We also offer therapy services for small animals, especially dogs. 



We regularly show on the open dressage and Arabian show circuit on the regional and national level. Therefore,  we are always available for magnetic therapy sessions at the show grounds.  Jus call or email us for an appointment. 



Dr. Joanne Thacher DVM, located in Fallbrook, is available for consultation in regards to their horses' lameness or health issues.  We have had an excellent vet/client relationship with her for seventeen years. Contact info: (760) 533-7814


** Other Treatment times can be arranged and will be priced accordingly. Note: A mileage surcharge may be added for long-distance travel times. Ask us about multiple horse discounts.


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